Using a Tax Settlement to Avoid Taxes

Are you facing tax liability with the IRS? Do you need some advice about how to handle your tax problem with the IRS? If you’re facing financial trouble with the IRS, I’m sure you’ve been on the search for an experienced, knowledgeable Fort Collins IRS Tax Settlement Attorney. If you are looking for one, check out Defense Tax Partners at for your Free Consultation! This is one area where I’ve seen many people go wrong, and it can really make a huge difference in the outcome of your case if you get it right. So here are some tips to help you decide on a Fort Collins IRS Tax Settlement Attorney…


Fort Collins is home to a large number of talented tax attorneys, IRS tax settlement attorneys, and Fort Collins IRS Tax Settlement attorneys. You need to look at what each offer when deciding who you want to represent you. In addition, you need to understand exactly what each offer is going to cost you.


The first step in determining who you want to represent you is to consider the total amount of money that is being held against you by the IRS. This will be a portion of your back taxes, which is owed by you to the government. There is no way to prove when you owe this money, but it is a certainty. The IRS has certain tools to collect this back taxes from you, and they often do not choose to until they have a sufficient amount of money held against you to actually seize a portion of that money. In some cases, the government may even file criminal charges against you if you refuse to pay this back taxes.


In many cases, the tax liability that is accrued can result in the loss of one’s job. This is not just because of the actual taxes that are due, but also because the IRS can seize property that is used for business purposes, such as a store front, or even a bank account. Some people face criminal charges when they refuse to pay back taxes. However, there are other options available to those with tax liability issues. These include taking a tax settlement. In this case, you pay the IRS a fixed amount that is less than what you owe in taxes each month.


When considering which option to use, you need to look at the pros and cons of each. If you are in a bad financial situation and owe a large amount of back taxes, then taking a tax settlement is probably the best option for you. But, there are those who have a very small amount of liability that they would prefer to settle rather than go through the process of an IRS investigation and possible criminal proceedings. The IRS can actually issue a tax notice, which informs you that you owe a certain amount of tax. By taking the IRS settlement amount in lump sum payments, you avoid having to pay back the full amount of the tax liability at one time.


The tax settlement is an ideal way to settle your tax liability without having to deal with an overly aggressive attitude from the IRS. In some cases, negotiations can actually lower the liability so that it is easier to repay the IRS in lump sum payments. You also get to avoid dealing with the stress and anxiety associated with a looming tax bill. If you are thinking about taking advantage of an IRS tax settlement, contact a professional tax firm today. They will be able to help you through every step of the process, from filing your taxes to the appeals process.

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